Why Art is Running

The U.S. Congress is being run by a cartel of career politicians and the special-interest lobbyists who’ve bought them. This cartel has put us in a very deep hole: our national debt is over $20 trillion, which is five times the amount of taxes Washington collects. The unfunded liabilities in the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds is over $120 trillion. Yet Congress can’t bring itself to stop the unconstitutional spending on corporate welfare and other special interests, like Planned Parenthood.

President Trump is working very hard to make America great, but his first year in office has shown clearly that he urgently needs outsiders like himself in Congress to break the cartel, so that common-sense conservative reforms can happen. We need men and women in Congress who, like President Trump, have achieved success in the business sector. We need true leaders who’ve had leadership roles in building the strength of our country and who are committed to America, instead of being committed to getting re-elected and staying in office.

I put my life at risk during a 29-year career in the military, to protect the country I love and help preserve it as a beacon of prosperity and opportunity for my children and grandchildren. There is no way I am going to let my effort and that of millions of veterans before me get overcome by the politically selfish, fiscally reckless actions of career politicians. It is my mission to rescue America from the Washington Cartel. I am a fiscal, social, and constitutional conservative, but even more importantly, I will serve as a citizen-legislator so that I can fight fearlessly for the principles I hold dear. I hope you will help me by joining my army of volunteers (Art’s Army) and making a financial contribution today.

Thank you and God Bless you.

The Importance of Service

Service is an important part of life for Art Halvorson. In Congress, he wants to get our country back on track so the next generation will have the same opportunities and freedoms.
Vote for Art Halvorson for Congress on May 15th – vote for a change in Washington.

On Tuesday, May 15, vote Art Halvorson for U.S. Congress.