Art’s Views


The federal government has sadly earned itself nicknames like the Swamp, the Cartel, and the Iron Triangle. Congress is largely to blame because it has become a revolving door of lobbyists and career politicians. Here’s how it works: special-interest groups do two things to cajole Congress: 1) they hire lobbyists to wine and dine members of Congress and their staff; 2) they fund congressmen’s perpetual re-election through the formation of political action committees, or PACs. Special-interest groups aggressively hire former congressmen and their staff to lobby their friends on Capitol Hill. Art understands that Washington will never serve the people and address our challenges until we end the revolving door. Art firmly supports returning Congress to a citizen body of term-limited public servants with no pension or lavish salary and benefits. Art also supports a lifetime ban on lobbying by former congressmen, and prohibiting lobbyists from joining the staff of congressional offices they lobbied.


Art believes that a nation without borders is no nation at all. Immigration must be controlled, legal and based entirely on individual merit and U.S. security. It makes sense to welcome motivated, law-abiding and resourceful immigrants from around the world to share and contribute to American prosperity and culture. It makes no sense at all to import entire communities of people who are culturally hostile and resent the American way of life. The massive flood of illegal immigration must end, and that will require sophisticated surveillance and physical barriers along our southern border. The policy of “chain migration” currently written into U.S. immigration law should be changed. Art is opposed to the continuing abuse of H1B visa program to weaken the market power of skilled American workers in the tech industry.

Read Art’s 2016 White paper on immigration here.

Manufacturing and Trade

Art understands that manufacturing is the lifeblood of a prosperous and sovereign America. Art knows that American manufacturing cannot compete with disenfranchised Chinese workers earning $150 a month, working 60-hour weeks in factories burning state-subsidized coal. Art believes we must stop pretending that our “free trade” arrangements with China and other slave-wage dictatorships are in any way fair. We should focus on building strong bi-lateral trade relations with democratic countries that protect intellectual property, guarantee basic human rights and abide the rule of law. At the same time, the regulatory burden on American business must be vastly reduced to create the economic climate required to return prosperity to the country and rebuild the middle class. President Trump’s tax cuts are a step in the right direction.

Read Art’s 2016 White Paper on foreign trade here.

National Defense

Art Halvorson will bring urgently needed military expertise to Congress. He knows we must retain the strongest military in the world, without spending the nation into bankruptcy. Military spending must be scrutinized to purge waste and pork-barrel spending in favor of long-overdue modernization efforts. Like President Trump so clearly understands, U.S. foreign policy must always be conducted to advance interests of our own country. Art believes power must be projected wisely and unequivocally to defend those interests, while avoiding intervention that creates instability and blow-back in tumultuous parts of the world. Groups like ISIS that threaten us must be extinguished swiftly and completely. That requires overwhelming force; a smart, nimble and responsive military structure; and a well-resourced diplomatic corps focusing our best minds on geo-strategic problems.

Right to Life

Art is 100% pro-life. He believes that innocent human life should be protected from conception until natural death. He and his wife Paula have spent years working to provide options for pregnant women in distress. Art will tirelessly press his colleagues in Congress to: 1) pass the Heartbeat Bill (also known as the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act); an 2) de-fund the utterly corrupt and partisan Planned Parenthood organization.

Gun Rights

As a lifetime member of both the National Rifle Association and Firearm Owners Against Crime, Art is passionate about protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. Art will fight for legislation requiring each of the 50 states to honor each other’s concealed carry permits (national reciprocity). Art will oppose any and all efforts to restrict the freedom of the people to own and bear arms.

Religious Freedom

Art will vigorously defend the rights of the people to uphold traditional moral standards within their communities, and to live and work according to the dictates of their religious convictions. He sees a strict reading of the U.S. Constitution as the best possible guide to crafting social policy, with the states — and NOT the federal government (especially not the federal judiciary) putting the will of the people into practice.

Health Care

Our health care system is bureaucratic, complicated, inconvenient, unaffordable and too often of questionable quality. Putting politicians in charge of the whole system will only make the current problems worse than they are today. Insurance conglomerates, large hospital chains, drug companies and managed care companies all get involved, enriching themselves with little regard for the actual care of the patient. Every transaction by these organizations adds huge, often unnecessary administrative expense to the system. The answer is to repeal Obamacare and put control and choices back in the hands of patients, with as many independent providers and insurers as the market will bear. That means reducing — not increasing — government spending and market meddling in health care.

Taxes and Spending

President Trump’s tax cut will foster tremendous economic growth while letting Americans keep more of their hard-earned money. However, much more can and should be done to simplify the tax code and provide relief. The government wastes, according to one U.S. Senator, roughly $200 billion a year. This bloat should be eliminated so that the taxes can further be cut, and the national debt can finally be paid down. Congress must pass the Balanced Budget Amendment, and  the budget process must be reformed to be more transparent.

On Tuesday, May 15, vote Art Halvorson for U.S. Congress.