John Joyce Won’t Drain the Swamp. He Is the Swamp.
Candidate hides deep ties to Shuster, lobbyists


McConnellsburg, PA — Republican congressional candidate Art Halvorson (PA-13) today cautioned Republican voters to not be fooled by the avalanche of ads portraying opponent John Joyce as a political outsider and anti-Swamp conservative.

“John Joyce’s personal and economic connections to the Shuster Dynasty are deep and long-standing,” Halvorson told supporters in Fulton County.  “Some people are happy with Bill Shuster and want to see business as usual in Washington. Those folks should be voting for John Joyce. But many who want fundamental conservative change are being misled about John Joyce and his agenda.”

Fact: John Joyce opposes term limits and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Bill Shuster’s campaigns since 2002.

Fact: John Joyce’s son, Sean, was Congressman Shuster’s campaign manager and chief of staff for more than a decade.

 Sean Joyce is now a top lobbyist for one of the most powerful lobbying firms in Washington, D.C, Invariant — formerly known as Heather Podesta+Partners (HP+P).  Heather Podesta’s brother-in-law, John Podesta, was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff and a senior advisor to Barack Obama. Invariant raked in $11 million in lobbying contracts last year alone, much of it from Shuster’s top corporate donors, who are getting wined and dined by Joyce.

Fact:  John Joyce’s top campaign consultant is Red Maverick Media, founded by lobbyist and long-time Shuster advisor Ray Zaborney.

“It’s clear enough John Joyce is now the officially anointed heir to Shuster’s political machinery,” Halvorson said. “To elect an anti-term limits, pro-establishment politician like John Joyce would be a huge victory for the Swamp and a major setback for taxpayers.”

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