Action to level the playing field long overdue

Gettysburg, PA — Republican congressional candidate Art Halvorson (PA-13) yesterday announced his full support for President Trump’s efforts to put America First by restoring corrective tariffs on steel and aluminum subsidized by foreign governments.

“American industry has been devastated by Clinton-era policies that rewarded slave-wage dictatorships like China, while smothering our own companies with punitive regulations and taxes,” Halvorson said after a congressional candidate’s forum in Gettysburg on Thursday. “The lopsided trade deals and wishful thinking have all but extinguished US steel manufacturing, greatly harming our prosperity — and our national security.”

“China pumps vast subsidies into its largely state-owned steel sector, which relies on nearly cost-free coal and disenfranchised, underpaid workers,” Halvorson explained. “Allowing China to dump its steel on the US market is an irrational and self-destructive act that must end.”

Halvorson criticized fellow Republicans who claim that tariff-free trade with dictatorships and ultra-low-wage countries is somehow a “conservative” economic policy, saying he’s “enormously grateful” to President Trump for standing up for our country’s economic future. The risk of a trade war pales in comparison to risks associated with permanent industrial decline, Halvorson said.

“Career politicians are clinging to a utopian and outdated dogma that has utterly failed this country,” Halvorson said. “The Clinton-neoconservative approach to foreign trade has saddled us with a trade deficit that is nothing short of criminal. We are now hemorrhaging half a trillion dollars a year. This is money that could be used to rebuild infrastructure and schools, which is instead enriching an aggressive dictatorship in Beijing.”

Halvorson’s White Paper on foreign trade, published in 2016, can be read on his campaign website at