Manns Choice, PA — Republican congressional candidate Art Halvorson (PA-9) today released the following statement in response to state Sen. John H. Eichelberger Jr.’s failure to recuse himself from the General Assembly’s redrawing of Pennsylvania’s congressional districts:

“John Eichelberger’s failure to quickly and absolutely recuse himself from the redistricting process is unacceptable. While we know that a recusal wouldn’t prevent him from influencing the discussion in back-room deals, a quick and clear statement would have at least demonstrated Eichelberger’s awareness of the conflict. Instead, he continues to influence the shape of the 9th Congressional District while ‘intending’ to ask Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack for an official opinion about his conflict of interest.

Unfortunately, this is painfully reminiscent of 2001, the last time the 9th Congressional District seat was open.  Then, Eichelberger refused to step down as Blair County GOP chairman, choosing instead to retain and use his political powers in ways that were alleged to have benefited him directly in his unsuccessful quest for the Republican nomination for Congress. The bottom line is this: we need leaders with sound judgment who will act decisively in the best interest of voters, even at personal expense.”


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