MANNS CHOICE, PA  — Art Halvorson today challenged aspirants to Congress in Pennsylvania’s 9th District and across the country to join him in signing the U.S. Term Limits Pledge.

In signing the pledge, candidate Halvorson vows that as the 9th District’s representative in Congress he will cosponsor and vote for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution limiting representatives to three terms and senators to two terms.

“The biggest reason we have the Swamp about which our President speaks so passionately is because we long ago abandoned term limits,” Halvorson said. “A main pillar of a healthy republic is civic virtue among officeholders, at the heart of which is term limits.”

Halvorson noted that term limits was a linchpin of the very first republics in ancient Rome and Athens, which carried forth to America in our first national constitution (the Articles of Confederation), as well as many early state constitutions. Although term limits were excluded from our current Constitution – to the chagrin of Thomas Jefferson and some of his contemporaries – terms limits remained an important tradition for many years before being eroded by ambitious, self-serving men and women, the precursors of today’s career politicians.

“With the dissolution of a half-century long political dynasty, we must chart a new course in the 9th District and across America with citizen-legislators,” Halvorson said. Citing polling showing that 80 percent of 9th District Republicans support term limits, Halvorson concluded, “Any candidate who clings to the status quo disqualifies himself or herself from serious consideration by the people, who demand the common-sense reforms needed to drain the Swamp.”