Standing Tall Against Special Interests

Art Halvorson is ready to fight special interests to advance the conservative agenda and restore fiscal sanity to Washington.

Vote for Art Halvorson for Congress on May 15th – vote for a change in Washington.

Art Halvorson’s Rescue America Platform

Restore Congress to a body of citizen-legislators who are term limited with no pension or lavish benefits.

Secure our borders, end amnesty, and restore our sovereignty.

Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

Defund and replace Obamacare with consumer-directed health insurance.

Defund Planned Parenthood and pass the Heartbeat Bill to protect innocent human life. 

Pass national reciprocity for true 2nd Amendment gun rights and freedoms in all 50 states.  

Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District

Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district includes all or parts of 10 counties from Westmoreland County to Adams County, and from the Maryland border north to Blair and Huntingdon Counties.

Counties of the Pennsylvania 13th Congressional District
All of Adams County
All of Bedford County
All of Blair County
All of Franklin County
All of Fulton County
All of Huntingdon County
All of Somerset County
Part of Cambria County
Part of Cumberland County
Part of Westmoreland County

On Tuesday, May 15, vote Art Halvorson for U.S. Congress.